" I was never going to go if I waited for someone to come with me. " - wise pinterest quote

Foça, İzmir, Turkey

Five years ago, I went to the USA with a summer work and travel program for three months. It was going to be my first real job and first overseas experience! In addition to this, my relationship was just 3 months old and I wasn't ready to say goodbye for that long. I can't say that I was completely alone at the beginning because there was a girl from the college but afterward, we parted our ways. I was traveling to another continent with 900 dollars in my bra and I had no idea what was waiting for me.

Time Square, NYC Chicago, IL

It was scary at first, but today I'm glad I did it. I swam in the Atlantic Ocean, ate deep-dish pizza in Chicago, earned 5 dollars at the casino in Atlantic City ( and spent 20 $ to win ) and got lost in NYC ( then found myself in Chinatown, but that's another story ). All of that wouldn't have happened if I chickened out.

P.S. Unfortunately high resolution photo wasn't a thing in 2014.

Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey

Solo traveling is a great experience and it helps your personal development, increases self-confidence and widens your perspective. It could be a day trip, a week alone or a world tour. It depends on your willingness and budget, obviously.

İzmir, Turkey

You could be a mom, daughter, flatmate, husband, fiance, wife or friend to someone but it doesn't mean that you can't travel alone. I believe, this is the best opportunity to get to know yourself. We are spending our time with others all the time and sharing our experiences, happy / sad / excited moments and sometimes our fries as well.🍟 Yeah, I know sharing is caring and stuff but does sharing really makes you feel good all the time? Do you really want to spend your annual vacation with your chronic complainer friend just not to be alone?

The best part of going solo is you don't have to fulfill anybody's needs but yours! You're free to indulge yourself. If you want to skip breakfast and spend the morning in the bed or even want to sleep until noon, it's ok! On the other hand, if you want to wake up very early to explore your vacation destination, it's ok too! You can eat wherever, whenever and whatever you want (sunrise coffees and sunset beers! ), spend your day lying on the beach or running from one museum to another. It's all your call!

Have you ever traveled alone? Would you like to give it a chance or do you have any concerns? Please don't hesitate to leave me a comment ! 😊 I hope you enjoyed my article and it inspires you ♡


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