Little Things #4


#1 : Nowadays all I'm talking about is Orange Is The New Black ! I became obsessed. Imagine a prison that is full of poor, black, brown, trans, immigrant, elderly, mentally ill WOMEN. A perfectly imperfect community which sounds like real life to me! Not a Hollywood cliché with a woman waking up with a full make-up on her face like a princess, I'm sure you know what I mean. This amazing show reveals the daily struggles of the people I mentioned above.

(SPOILER ALERT) The death of Poussey Washington made me cry for more than an hour because I can't stop thinking of the fact that, this is happening somewhere. Prisons must be for education, for rehabilitation, for giving those people useful life skills. If you send them to prison and then harass or rape them and torture them, you can't expect them to live a normal life after the prison.

I can write more than a hundred pages about OITNB, but I want to keep it short for now. However, I gotta say that my woman crush in the show is definitely Nicky / Natasha Lyonne ! I love love love her!

“Live life today like there is no coffee tomorrow.” Meik Wiking

#2 : Haven't you read The Little Book of Hygge yet? I highly recommend! I was looking for simple solutions to live my life happier because I believe that as the world becomes more and more developed, we're becoming less happy than we used to be. I'm not against development or something, don't get me wrong about this, I'm just a person who is seeking a happier and more peaceful life.😊 And it looks like what I want is a Danish Lifestyle : being in the moment with people I love spending time with, having a cozier environment, more coffee, more tea, mooore candles and enjoying simple things.. List goes on!

#3 : This historical house in the Foça with the most peaceful shade of blue! 💙

March 22, 2019

#4 : This old photo of Berk from our 5th anniversary! Fun fact : We ordered 2 cups of cappuccino and a strawberry magnolia for sharing. It was extremely delicious and we couldn't get enough of it so we ordered the second one!

#5 : First fall decorations of the year! In my country, decorating your home with pumpkins is not even a thing, unfortunately. However thanks to social media, it's becoming popular. Although it is really hard to find small-sized pumpkins, I found these babies! I'm gonna use them as bookholders for a while and then I will make a soup and bake a dessert with them! 🎃


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