Little Things #2

#1 : Hair straightener brush was on my wishlist since last year. Finally, I got one! I need to say that it is one of the best investment I ever made. During wintertime, I'm blow drying my hair but when summer comes I don't want to do it because summers are pretty hot where I live. Generally, I'm combing my hair with the help of a spray conditioner and it takes almost an hour until completely dries. And later I start to brush it with this straightener first from the top to bottom then I repeat it upside down to add more volume. If you have any doubt about straightener brushes I strongly recommend!

#2 : I'm into every show or movie with zombies! I know it sounds so weird but I just love watching them so much. Santa Clarita Diet is a Netflix original series, starring Drew Barrymore as a zombie! I love watching her so much, I think she is beautiful - even sexier as a zombie, smart, and talented. Story of the show is beyond classic zombie attack fiction. Instead of dead, stinky and ugly zombies, there are dead people living in normal suburban life with an only exception: They have human shakes for breakfast, ears and fingers for snack and hands or legs for dinner! I think that's enough spoiler if you are into zombies don't miss Santa Clarita Diet!

#3 : My first espadrilles ♡ When I saw them at Marks and Spencer I decided to buy them immediately! I was so excited that after I bought them I wore them right away. They are very comfy and chic. The light was terrible during the photoshoot and they look like cinnamon colored but actually, their color is more like dusty rose color. There are also metallic and black options and I'm planning to buy one more pair before the summer ends!

#4 : Mother-daughter pizza date! It was such a beautiful day with mom ♡

#5 : This perfect blue floor at the pizza shop!


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