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Last week I turned 28 (or 29, still confuse about which one to say! ) And I thought it would be fun to share some little things about me on my birthday. But this year I did not celebrate or did anything fun, because my grandma was seriously ill since february and we lose her the day after my birthday. I feel like something is missing, I wanna cry all day long but I also keep my head up for my mom to be there for her to support and comfort her. Because I know the fact that life goes on! And I want to enjoy every single moment of it. I want to honor her memory by living a beautiful and memorable life. Nowadays I'm gonna hold on to my blog more than usual because it makes me feel really good. So, here is 28 things about me:

✧I scare spiders to death.

✧I was born with a missing or underdeveloped bone in my right pinky finger. When I squeeze my hand a cute dimple appears . Shortie but yet quite practical :) I promise you if you send me a DM via instagram I'm gonna send you a snapshot of it!

✧I have a birth year tattoo ( 1991 ) on my right ankle.

✧I smile at people all the time and everywhere, you know I'm just tryin' to be nice. When I was a waitress, a couple made a serious complaint about me. They told my manager I have an OVER smiling face. I don't know what was their expectation from a waitress. Should I have thrown plates to their faces or what? I think I will never ever understand people.

✧I love my name so much. If Berk let me, I would name our future daughter after me, Pelin Jr. He says it's a big NO - NO!

✧If I don't get enough sleep, I become cranky and emotional. 97% of the time it ends up with tears.

✧I love getting my nails done. It motivates me a lot. Somehow it determines my mood. When I was a college student, I got my nails done first then started to study for exams.

✧I'm a huge fan of Jameela Jamil. She is like a real life superhero to me! She is a feminist-in-progress ( her own words), advocate, activist... She is one of the most remarkable woman of the century!

✧I know very little French. Je connais peu le français. I can understand most of the things I read ( merci beaucoup blogs de mode) but if you want me to listen and talk, well get ready to laugh.

✧I'm excessively clean, I mean obsessively. I clean entire house every single week no matter how busy or tired I'm. Should I I say no shoes allowed in my house?

✧I have white hair.

✧I have a spring allergy that turns my life into hell every year. If you hate me, you can send me a bunch of daisy.

✧Rainy days always get me down. I think they're the saddest. I hate being alone on rainy days.

✧I have never gotten stitches but I broke 3 bones at once.

✧I love cooking and actually I'm very good at it! I love sharing my recipes. Soon I'm gonna start writing them on the blog. Until then, I go on with instastories and you can check the recipes highlight for the previous ones.

✧You might think that I'm an alien or something like that BUT I don't know much about Apple products. I'm an Android kinda girl ( if there is such a thing).

✧I love airports and unlike most of the people, I prefer connecting flights. I can sit and eat my travel snacks while watching people running around like a headless chicken in the airport and landing planes forever. ( I bet the movie you're thinking right now is : The Terminal )

✧I first travelled solo when I was 23. I joined a summer work and travel program for 3 months in USA. It was one of the best experinces of my life.

✧I'm an only child and my family line ends with me.

✧If my life were made into a film, I'd like Kate Winslet to play me. I think she has that badass vibe.

✧Yes, I define myself as badass and Berk finds it hilarious.

✧I have a fear of the dentists.

✧My happy place is the beach. I love diving and doing sand castles. I can stay in the water all day long.

✧I'm from Turkey and my mother language is Turkish. I learned English at school and I have no shame writing and talking in English. I make mistakes but who cares?

✧I believe stretch marks, tummy rolls and thick tights don't define beauty. I think beauty comes from the inside, it's in our behaviors, words and ideas. If you're perfect from outside ( which is quite impossible & in which/ whom standards ) but break hearts/ tell lies/ carry tales/ steal, you tell me, what is to good of it? Where is the beauty?

✧My favorite vegetable is definetely asparagus! I can eat it every single day! But unfortunately it is very expensive in my country.

✧I want to buy a yacht some day. I'm dreaming of family weekends with my husband and kids on it when I'm older(like 40). Fishing boat also works for me. I just want something floating and just a little bit luxurier than inflatable boat.

✧I received a gift from a real princess 3 years ago when I was an intern. But unfortunately I can't tell you who.

Let's get to know each other! Tell me something about yourself, I would love to read your comments !



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