10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Until a few years ago, rainy days made me feel sad! So much so that, if we woke up on a rainy day, Berk would surprise me with a bunch of flowers or a romantic breakfast. He always had a plan to change my mood. And I truly appreciate his efforts, BUT after a certain point, I had to learn how to do this by myself. So I decided to change my point of view! Now, I see rainy days as an opportunity of doing postponed tasks, DIY projects, taking a long bath and indulging myself with a bottle of rosé accompanied by my favorite movie or music!

1. Binge-watching!

For me, binge-watching is always on top of the list! It's definitely my favorite free time activity to do, said every lazy person on the planet!😂 For me, it starts in bed and guess where does it end? You're right my friend, it ends in the bed! Depending on my mood ( or season because I can't watch Home Alone in summer as you guess), it could be Netflix series, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Walking Dead, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings series. This is not even 1% of my binge-watching list! If it's raining outside or you are not in the mood of doing anything, go to your kitchen, make yourself a healthy homemade snack, WAIT A SECOND! Who am I kidding? Just order your favorite pizza and let the fun begin!

2. Take a walk in the rain.

Rainy weather doesn't mean that you have to stay at home! Actually, it's a perfect time for taking a walk on empty streets. Put on your rain boots, grab an umbrella, listen to your favorite music and go wherever your heart desires! Mine generally desires either a bookstore or a coffee shop!

3. Pamper yourself with a DIY at-home spa.

Think of rainy days this way, mother nature gives you an extra day off and you should take advantage of this opportunity! There are so many options to give yourself a homemade spa experience such as steam treatment, face mask, foot soak, hair mask and so on.. For example, I always keep a couple of Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks and Sephora lip masks in the fridge( I love them cold!). You can put on some music, maybe light a candle and make spa water with lots of fruits inside ( I prefer wine 😅). You know that it doesn't have to be fancy, don't let perfection kill your vibe!

4. Curl up with a good book.

2 things: Reading on the beach and curling up in a cozy blanket with a good book. Greatest pleasures of life! I love the sound of the rain so much. Whenever it rains I open all the windows, let fresh air in and since I'm into a hygge lifestyle I make myself a hot beverage. One of my biggest dreams is to buy a house with a big porch and hang a swing, so I can read and swing under my cozy blanket FOREVER.

5. Open a bottle of wine and make a gourmet charcuterie board + invite a friend or whole bottle is yours!

If I need to sum up my life in 3 sentences it would be " BRA OFF, HAIR UP, WINE POURED" 😂 I'm not just a drinker, I have a big interest in wine! I watched documentaries about decanting and read books about the grape varieties in the world. When I was working in luxury restaurants as a waitress, I must confess that I was tasting almost all of the bottles I sold. Nowadays, I'm trying different wine and food pairings and I believe this would be a perfect rainy day activity! If you want you can invite your friend(s) BUT I just don't like sharing my bottle 😁

6. Cook a fancy dinner!

We all have recipes to try board on Pinterest, right? If your answer is NO, then please go, create one and come back for reading the rest of the post 😁 Rainy days are the best days for cooking! Try to make yourself a fancy dinner OR call your friends and family and gather around the table with loved ones! If you are too lazy to do shopping ( most probably you are too lazy to cooking but anyways!), you can always buy the ingredients online!

7. Do some crafting.

I love DIY projects for two reasons. The first one is the satisfaction of creating something unique with my hands! Second is, it's good for the environment! You can recycle or upcycle the stuff that you already have! If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I work on my garden occasionally. It's stress-relieving, reduces my anxiety and makes me feel happy! Last year, I painted this pumpkin in the picture but it wasn't enough for me, I was still craving DIY fall decorations so this year I made the pumpkins from clay! Then I painted them! Promise I'm gonna share their photos too!

8. Clean!

If you want a productive rainy day, get ready for cleaning! You can clean the entire house OR you can focus on specific tasks. For example, you can do laundry, update your home decor, change beddings, de-clutter, organize a kitchen cabinet, clean the oven...OR purge your social media! End your toxic relationships, drop/unfollow/unfriend whoever makes you feel bad about yourself, detox your mind and your contact list.

9. Visit!

I told you, you don't have to stay at home! But don't forget to put on your waterproof shoes otherwise like Berk, you have to put on plastic bags on your favorite sneakers 😂Anyways, you can go to the movie, visit your local library and spend your afternoon there, stop by the farmers market for some fresh produce, buy a bunch of flowers and visit your grannies.. For example, there is a Picasso Exhibition I'm dying to see and I'm patiently waiting for a rainy day to visit because I heard that it's insanely crowded (entrance is free). I hope not everyone thinks to same but I think it could be more quiet on a rainy day!

10. Workout!

I admire people who wake up before sunrise and go for a run no matter how the weather is! Unfortunately, I'm not that kind of a person.. If you are, well, fırst of all congrats! Please share your secret with me! But if you're like me, you can start doing yoga at home. I started last year and since then I found myself on my yoga mat every once in a while. My favorite yoga teacher is Adriene Louise, she has a Youtube channel named Yoga with Adriene. I highly recommend you! She has lots of videos for different purposes and you need nothing but yourself to start!


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